What is Wildkraut?

Wildkraut is the world’s first energy sniff.

A wake-up call for long party nights and even longer car journeys. Your savior during night shifts, deadlines and difficulty concentrating. Your turbo during sporting activities or whenever you want to boost your mind.

What differentiates Wildkraut from other performance enhancers?

In addition to the well thought-out formula, in which the individual ingredients interact
perfectly, Wildkraut is ingested nasally. This has a great advantage: some of Wildkraut’s active
ingredients are absorbed faster and, above all, better through the nasal membranes.

Can I dissolve Wildkraut in water and drink it?

No, Wildkraut is for your nose only. All other body openings are taboo.

Is Wildkraut legal?

It may taste like a forbidden fruit, but it is absolutely legal.

Is Wildkraut safe?

Wildkraut has been tested by a state-approved laboratory.

Stick to the maximum daily dose and Wildkraut will be your friend.

People who are sensitive to caffeine should keep their hands and noses away from Wildkraut. And no matter how much you like our Energy Sniff, give your nose a break every once in a while.

Can I take Wildkraut if I suffer from hay fever?

People with easily irritable membranes might react sensitively to Wildkraut. This may cause sneezing
and a runny nose. We recommend that those who have allergies first carefully test how they react to

Will Wildkraut help me studying?

Absolutely! With Wildkraut you can re-ignite your turbo so that you reach the finish line. When
espresso doesn’t help any more and your mind no longer seems receptive, a pinch of Wildkraut can
revive your spirit.

This is ensured by the concentration-promoting amino acid tyrosine. Moreover, Rosenwurz has
fatigue-reducing properties
 and minimizes mental exhaustion.

Will Wildkraut help me during exams?

We all know this feeling on the day before an important exam when we frantically study until late at
night. Afterwards we are unable to fall asleep and then wake up completely exhausted.

Here, a pinch of Wildkraut may be your savior. In the event of sleep deprivation, its unique
composition ensures enhanced memory and reaction abilities. In addition, its essential amino acids
help your mind to regenerate as best as possible, even with little sleep.

In other words 10/10!

Can I take Wildkraut as a professional athlete?

You may. Caffeine has meanwhile been removed from the doping list despite its performance-
enhancing effects. Among other things, it increases the burning of calories and has a vasodilatory
effect on the bronchial system of the lungs. This improves your endurance performance and makes it
easier for you to breathe.

Unlike coffee or energy drinks, Wildkraut does not only begin to work after 30 minutes. Caffeine is
absorbed much faster through the nasal membranes.

And athletes know: speed wins!

Does Wildkraut increase my efficiency at work?

Several of our ingredients have a positive influence on your performance.

For example, the well thought-out components increase your ability to concentrate and counteract
mental fatigue. Thanks to Rosenwurz you will feel wide awake.

Furthermore, theanine has a relaxing effect. When you think of some of your superiors and
colleagues, the extra dose of relaxation is certainly not a bad idea.

Is there a maximum dose?

Stick to the maximum daily dose of one bottle of Wildkraut and ten portions per nostril. Sniff responsibility.

Is it ok for children and pregnant women to sniff Wildkraut?

Due to its high caffeine content, Wildkraut is not suitable for pregnant women, breastfeeding
women, children and adolescents. Even people sensitive to caffeine should keep their hands off

Can you become addicted to Wildkraut?

Unlike tobacco snuff, Wildkraut does not contain nicotine. However every coffee lover knows that
you can get addicted to caffeine.

Where is Wildkraut being produced?

Wildkraut is an Austrian quality product. Made in Austria. Powered by nature.

How long does the delivery take?

Unfortunately not every delivery person has Wildkraut running through their veins. So you have to wait a few days until our parcel lands in your mailbox.

Our delivery times:
Uk 2-4 Business Days
Europe 3-6 Business days

How is Wildkraut consumed?

Exclusively through your nose.

Start with small pinches and just lightly sniff the herbal mixture. That brings the most
intense taste experience. So you can savor the aroma to its fullest and enjoy the tingling feeling of
the herbs in your nose.

What does Wildkraut taste like?

Wildkraut smells like freedom and adventure. Its flavour notes are mainly fresh and fruity, with a
slightly spicy note in the finish.

How large should a pinch of Wildkraut be?

That always depends on tiredness and appetite. We recommend a lentil to pea-sized pinch for the short intermediate high. Double up, one for each nostril for a full blown effect.

What payment options do I have?

Life may be complicated, but ordering Wildkraut is easy. In our webshop, we accept all common
payment methods.

Which countries can Wildkraut be delivered to?

We currently deliver to United Kingdom, Europe

How can I sell Wildkraut?

Please contact us at contact@energysniff.co.uk

Is Wildkraut vegan and glutenfree?

Yes. Wildkraut contains no animal products and gluten.

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