Meisterwurz (Peucedanum ostruthium)

Meisterwurz can be considered something of the medical all-purpose remedy of the early modern era. Regardless of whether it was fever, exhaustion, inflammation or plague: people trusted in the “healing root of the Alps”.

Our faith rests on the detoxifying effects of Meisterwurz especially after a long night of partying.

And who knows, maybe there is even something to the old folk wisdom: This root grows your root.

Rosenwurz (Rhodiola rosea)

The diet of flies is hard to phantom. But not everything they like is shit. Some stuff is genius too. Rosenwurz, for example, which is their elixir of life. If a fly nibbles on it,  its life expectancy increases by 25%. That’s because Rosenwurz has anti-fatigue properties. Decades ago, Soviet scientists recognized that Rosenwurz increases physical energy and is suitable for treating mental exhaustion. Nastrovje comrades!


Unfortunately caffeine does not grow in the Alps. But we don’t want to forego its effects any more than you want to forego your morning coffee. But be mindful: absorbed through the nasal membranes, caffeine works even faster.


Our global champion! Guarana is the world’s most powerful natural source of caffeine. Even the coffee bean is steaming with envy but we are big fans. We want you in our Wildkraut package.


Even if you’ve never heard of tryptophan, this amino acid does a lot for your well-being. Tryptophan is essential for synthesizing serotonin which makes you happy. So you can regenerate in the best possible way even with too little sleep.


Moringa is one of those hip superfoods. It is the most nutritious plant in the world. But that’s not what stood out for us. We chose it for its absolutely delicious taste. The Moringa gives our Wildkraut an unbelievable flavor. The many nutrients, vitamins, antioxidants and minerals slipare are just an added bonus


Theanine and caffeine are an infernal duo. Somethin g like Laurel and Hardy or Bud Spencer and Terence Hill. While the caffeine hits immediately, the theanine’s effects are delayed and prevent you from experiencing a drop in energy when the caffeine wears off.

By the way, theanine is the amino acid found in green tea. It fends off the effects of caffeine such as racing heart or high blood pressure. Indeed, the only thing that theanine increases is your ability to concentrate.


Taurine is not only found in energy drinks, it is also an important component of breast milk.
And what is good for babies and space jumpers, of course, has to be good for Wildkraut. After all, we
want you to be as energetic as most children are.


Yet another amino acid with a miraculous effect. When sleep deprived, tyrosine improves memory and reaction skills. It also increases our concentration. Sounds like a pretty good co-driver on night highways.

Wasserminze (Mentha aquatica)

Before toothpaste existed, the Wasserminze saved many a blind date. It was actually used as a remedy for bad breath at the time.

In our concoction, Wasserminze is responsible for the particularly good aroma of Wildkraut and creates a lasting fragrance in your nose.

What is more, Wasserminze helps with irritated nasal membranes. Good to nose.