The Wildkraut Story

One admission in advance: We didn’t have to invent the original formula for Wildkraut. The formula can be found in a centuries-old book on herbal medicine from the Alps. There the “root sniff” is recommended as a remedy for fatigue. It is even supposed to alleviate states of exhaustion during hard physical work. The book was written by the Walsers.

Of all people, it is no coincidence that the Walsers created this mixture of alpine herbs with an invigorating effect. After all, living in the most remote high mountain valleys of the Alps requires wrestling for the wherewithal of life. Everything they needed for life they obtained from mother earth. Add to this the fact that the many traditions and rituals—such as ancient knowledge concerning the power of plants/the knowledge of the power of plants—have been passed on from generation to generation; a stubborn folk who perhaps drew some of their strength from their snuff.

In any case, after discovering the almanac, we were full of curiosity and got to work straight away. We collected herbs and dried them. We mortared and weighed. We added seasoning and finally, we refined the old recipe. And after a long process, we succeeded in further improving the effect of the traditional recipe. Wildkraut was born and the nights were a little shorter from then on.